Sugarloaf Sailing Club
  • Developing and fostering the sport of sailing.

  • Promoting and encouraging the development of good seamanship, navigational knowledge and sailing skills.

  • Other complimentary purposes not inconsistent with these objectives such as hosting dinners with entertainment for large organized groups of sailors cruising Lake Erie.

  • Arranging sailing competitions and cruising regattas, some with prizes, awards and distinctions being given after the event or at our Annual General Meeting and Christmas party.

  • Organizing and sponsoring social events for the pleasure and accommodation of members and guests where demonstrations and seminars are offered.Providing an environment of self-development and sportsmanship in the sport of sailing

About Us

We are an enthusiastic group of people who hail from Mississauga through the Niagara Region to Buffalo who love to get outside and onto the water in boats. Most of us own sail boats, some of us do not but crew with others that do. We all have great respect for the water, weather,

environment, each other, and of course our boats. We have established the club as a non-profit incorporated entity for  the purposes of: